The twenties

Every problem is for tomorrow

Tonight we shall drown our sorrows

Then hold the blissful ignorance

As the beggars beget their innocence

What’s the cost of living free?

Careless, perhaps inevitably?

Every youth in search of eternal high

Be free from their unruly alibi

A quest for love is time-consuming

A luxury that we cannot afford

Consumerist fashion and vogue galore

The changed trends for ones we adore!

Life resuscitated back to reality

Bewildered imagination will come to end

A time of coexistence will comprehend

But, the cost of our kin will un-end

Somehow, someday it will be smooth

Pressure will tire its undying might

But our hopes and dreams will subdue

As our child will live and live them through

The same stress we were imposed on

A grotesque stature of stigmatic slime

Society of matter and empathetic decline

Our cursed twenties will mirror our child



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Asjl Khan

Recollecting ideas that reflect my expressions beyond the confined boundaries of pre-existing schemas.